Make your own “Hackey Night” shirt


I was sitting there on Saturday night basking in the after glow of a real life Leafs playoff win, and it hit me – It’s a damn shame that I’m not able to sell our original t-shirt design “Hackey Night”. If you aren’t aware, we’re not allowed to sell certain designs anymore due to pressure from the NHL and NHLPA. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your own one of a kind Hackey Night shirt in the comfort of your own home. Here’s a step by step guide to getting geared up for the first home playoff games that Toronto has seen in 9 years:

1) Find or purchase a blank t-shirt. You should be able to find something for under ten dollars.

2) Purchase some t-shirt transfer paper. If you’re using a dark or coloured t-shirt you should use “Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper. I’ve has good success with Staples brand in the past, but Avery also makes a similar product. If you’re using a white shirt the regular transfer paper will be just fine.

3) Download the high resolution “HACKEY NIGHT” artwork. (right click and choose save as…)

4) Print it out. I’d recommend scaling the image to as big as possible. Check the instructions that came with your transfer paper, most will require that you mirror the image when printing.

5) Cut out the circle so that you’ll end up with a nice clean edge all the way around the design.

6) Follow the instructions included with the paper for transferring with image to the shirt with a clothes iron. Don’t be scared, it’s pretty tough to mess these up.

Keep in mind this method will not produce a shirt that will last forever, but it should at least get you through the playoffs.