5 Steps to Creating Your Sports Team Banner

The idea of creating a sports team banner can be traced back many centuries ago. Ranging from the Ancient Greek tournaments to the Roman Games and beyond.

It aimed to unite and recognize persons who belonged to the same team. It was also a form of rejoicing and celebrating the team spirit whenever the occasion permits.

5 Steps to Creating Your Sports Team Banner

Some sports teams order a wide range of team banners for soccer, basketball, baseball, and lots more sports.

For your team banners to thrive, there have to be different soccer banners ideas ranging from the design of the flag, the logo, the color of the banner, the names of the team players, and the style of the banner.

Read on about the five essential steps to creating your soccer team banner.

5 Steps to Creating Sports Banner

Organize getting a picture of your team

The best way to establish a sports team banner is to capture the entire members of your team together. You could have their photos taken individually, and editing them together adds more flare but requires particular expertise to carry out.

Therefore it’ll be wise to hire a professional photographer who takes a shot of everyone on the team and helps to edit the pictures and the creation of a good team banner. (more…)

Ideas for Your Baseball Banners

When you hear the word ”banner”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Many times you imagine a significant graphical representation with lots of images and designs. But do you know why banners are used or what they represent?  A Banner is a long strip of cloth bearing a symbol, message, image, or more. Banners serve many purposes, but the main idea is to attract and capture the attention of viewers. Banners are used for different events and occasions as they provide an effective means of communication and representation. Some of the areas where banners are used include sports, business, meetings, and lots more.

Uses of Banners in Sports

The use of banners in different areas, including sports, cannot be overemphasized. It cuts across all sports, from Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Rugby, etc. It is such an exciting phenomenon that captures spectators’ attention at the sports event and makes the game more exciting, and conveys a strong message to the fans and all who view the banner.

In this article, our discourse will be on baseball banners. These banners are used in baseball to cheer the players and create unity and oneness among the spectators. What are the uses of daseball Banners and sports banners in general? Sports banners provide an affordable and exciting way to enjoy your game and celebrate your sports team. Their use is likened to all sports, including baseball. Banners are suitable for use for sports at all levels and places. (more…)

Reasons for the Use of Banners in Sporting Activities

The use of sport banners have been employed in many sporting activities, soccer fans create various types of soccer teams banners, basketball fans make basketball team banners, softball fans make softball banners etc. Sport banners are not only created by the fans, the management and administration of a sporting team can also make banners, this is mainly for business or sponsorship reasons. The management would sell banners to the fans and supporters of the team to make profits and increase their fan base.

sports banners

Banners of various size are made, ranging from the small flag like pocket size banners to the very large sizes that covers significant areas of the stadium. Banners of different quantities are also made by fans and management of the sporting teams depending on the occasion or environment which this banners are to be used, banners are made from different materials ranging from the cheap sac like types to the very expensive cotton or silk type. Banners are not only displayed on the stadium or field of play, some of these banners can be displayed in the fans living room, cars etc.

Fans generally create sport banners for numerous reasons, the commonest reason is to show support and as a means of lifting the team spirit. There is a very common saying in the game of soccer that fans are the 12th player of team, this is because the fans are capable of motivating the players and make them play better than they would on normal days without the fans support. This is the reason why most sport teams perform better on their home ground than away, because many of their supporters would show up and the level of play would be improved markedly. (more…)

We’re Back!

Apologies for those of you who have been trying to access the site for the last month or so. We had a hosting issue and then a heavy dose of laziness due to the lack of motivation an unneeded lockout can bring. I’ve taken this opportunity to give the site a bit of a facelift – I ask for your patience as I get everything back up and running.

If you’re wondering why a particular design isn’t available it’s probably due to us not being able to sell that design anymore. I’m working on a gallery of all “banned” designs and an accompanying blog post explaining in more detail why they aren’t available.

Make your own “Hackey Night” shirt


I was sitting there on Saturday night basking in the after glow of a real life Leafs playoff win, and it hit me – It’s a damn shame that I’m not able to sell our original t-shirt design “Hackey Night”. If you aren’t aware, we’re not allowed to sell certain designs anymore due to pressure from the NHL and NHLPA. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your own one of a kind Hackey Night shirt in the comfort of your own home. Here’s a step by step guide to getting geared up for the first home playoff games that Toronto has seen in 9 years:

1) Find or purchase a blank t-shirt. You should be able to find something for under ten dollars.

2) Purchase some t-shirt transfer paper. If you’re using a dark or coloured t-shirt you should use “Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper. I’ve has good success with Staples brand in the past, but Avery also makes a similar product. If you’re using a white shirt the regular transfer paper will be just fine.

3) Download the high resolution “HACKEY NIGHT” artwork. (right click and choose save as…)

4) Print it out. I’d recommend scaling the image to as big as possible. Check the instructions that came with your transfer paper, most will require that you mirror the image when printing.

5) Cut out the circle so that you’ll end up with a nice clean edge all the way around the design.

6) Follow the instructions included with the paper for transferring with image to the shirt with a clothes iron. Don’t be scared, it’s pretty tough to mess these up.

Keep in mind this method will not produce a shirt that will last forever, but it should at least get you through the playoffs.